Blog Construction FINISHED!


Blog reconstruction finished! [He says somewhat optimistically!]

I have to laugh, because technically, you NEVER finish “doing” a blog….it is an ongoing work in progress.

Going through the past 4 years, it was fun to review all of the adventures from our past Mission Possible Tours. And, of course, we are only two weeks away in preparation of our NEXT tour, this one called “Facing Your Fears”, as we travel the 500 miles from Key West to Orlando. ALL of our MPTs have had the underlying theme that “With God, ALL Things Are Possible”, and this is especially relevant this year. We are calling this 2014 MPT “Facing Your Fears” because, as you know, Earline is deathly afraid of bridges, and we WILL be going over the SEVEN-MILE Bridge on our way up the Keys.


Of course, all of this will also help us to try and raise Deaf awareness, and raise funds for the coming year for God’s Hands Agency. Stay tuned for updated information on the GHA web site so YOU can join us, and help us Cultivate Servant Leaders for Jesus among the Deaf, Youth and Families.

I did just get confirmation that we will be joining up with KEM, Keys Evangelistic Ministries, in Key West and Big Coppitt Key. We’re EXCITED to see what the Lord has in mind for us with Pastor Bill and his ministry.

Our theme verse for this trip will be from Joshua 1:9…“Have I not commanded you be strong and of good courage. Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed. For the Lord your God is with you, WHEREVER you go!”

These is the first of 6 songs I wrote a few years ago when one of our churches was studying the book “Fearless” by Max Lucado. There were six verses about fear that they asked us to memorize, and I had the idea that they would be easier to memorize if they were put to music. So….

….what kind of music style would help one be fearless?

I figured it had to be either Polka or Caribbean Island Music!

Can you possibly sing a song in either one of these styles and NOT smile??!! HA!

Thinking that Polka might not be familiar enough to enough people [hmmm!]…..I decided to give all the songs an “island” style. We hope to have those songs available for you on CDs before we leave on this year’s tour.

It was also odd to look back, and saw that I had only one blog entry in 2012, and none in 2013. But then I realized we HAVE been pretty busy….after our 2010 MPT, we felt that it would be better if we moved from our house to an “empty-nest” apartment, because that would make it easier for us to take extended trips like these Mission Possible Tours. So we moved to downtown Orlando. And anyone that has moved a whole household knows what a challenge THAT is! Whew! Three years later, I think we are ALMOST totally unpacked!

Earline and I also did a Mission Trip to Israel with Zion’s Hope last year, and I hope to have reflections from that trip up on a blog in the near future. Here we are at the start of the trip in Tel Aviv.

Jon and Earline in Tel Aviv

I DID do a number of day trips all directions from Orlando this past year: North to Sanford and Debary….

Over St. Johns bridge

….West to Clermont and Sugarloaf Mountain, South to Kissimmee, and East to Kennedy Space Center and Cocoa. [THAT was a LONG trip….about 112 miles in one day!] [WHEW!]

Overpass over Highway 1

Trike at the beach

Well, if I am going to get these Fearless CDs done, I have to get busy! PLEASE pray for us, that our efforts be protected and blessed by the Creator, the God of this universe. He IS worthy of our trust!

Only through God’s grace,


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