Day 0 [Key West, FL] 2014 MPT

THURSDAY, November 6, 2014

We are HERE! [Earline’s happy!]

IMG_1720 Earline arrived

Arrived about 9pm tonight, at the upstairs living area above the Keys Presbyterian Church on Coppitt Key, just about 10 miles east of downtown Key West. Specifically, we will be working with Pastor Bill Welzien of Keys Evangelistic Ministries. [Check out their slideshow…it’s GREAT!]

I promised Earline I would NOT go into so much detail as I did yesterday, so suffice it to say we got finished packing this morning around 11am, with all our gear attached to make sure we did not forget anything!

IMG_1700 Packed up trikes

THEN….okay, quick praise report here, and I do not know any other way to express it, because, well, how ELSE can you explain this?

Trying to be good stewards of God’s money, we were going to rent only a small SUV and stuff the trikes, the bags, and our nephew DJ inside. We thought we might have to attach one trike on top.

But this morning, at the car rental place, they asked if we would like to have a larger vehicle at NO EXTRA charge! Great!

So we ended up with a Chrysler Town and Country that BOTH trikes were able to fit inside the vehicle WITHOUT tearing them down, or folding them, with PLENTY of room for our bags, and plenty of room for all three of us to sit.

[Pressed down, shaken together? See Luke 6:38]

God knew what we needed AND SUPPLIED AS MUCH before we even THOUGHT to ask Him.

Just a coincidence? [We seem to have those happen A LOT!]

One old preacher used to say, “When I stop praying, the coincidences STOP HAPPENING!]


To show how easily everything fit, here is a photo of me taking a photo of Earline….TA-DAH!

IMG_1705 Photo of photo

The trip went nice and smooth….Earline got a little scared driving over the 7-mile bridge [it was dark by the time we went over it], but we sang the FEARLESS SONGS, and we started laughing, and the fear dissipated. [These are the six Scripture songs that I wrote the music for, that are on the CDs we will be passing out throughout our trip.]

Plus, we got the chance to spend a lot of time talking with our nephew DJ. [Wave and say hi to your kids back in Orlando, DJ!]

IMG_1719 DJ waving

[Yes, the phone is permanently attached to his ear!]

DJ graciously agreed to drive the van back to Orlando for us. thanks, DJ!

The trikes are safe and sound in our apartment, which sits on the floor above the sanctuary of Keys Presbyterian Church, who were kind enough to let us stay here.

Tim Warner also stays here in the apartment, and he was kind and detailed with his directions, so that we could arrive safe and sound here in Key West.

IMG_1718 Trikes in room

So, a GREAT start to our 2014 Mission POSSIBLE Tour / “FACING YOUR FEARS”.

AND, time for you and I to get some….some slee….some sleep…..zzzzzzzzz.


ONLY through God’s grace,



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