Day 0 [Orlando, FL] Pack, pack, PACK!


I guess because we are “experienced” riders now, and don’t have to be trying new things and figuring out which accessories work, and which don’t, it doesn’t feel QUITE as hectic as it did coming down to the wire before our MPT last year.

Earline has left most of the prep work to me, and I think we will be good to go tomorrow morning.

Just got back from Earline’s graduation from the Florida PiP [Partners in Policy-Making]…whoo-whoo! lots of hard work, but she says she learned LOTS! (And made some great new friends!)

Here are some photos from the event at the Embassy Suites on International Drive:

Well-wishers assembling for the ceremony

Well wishers

[They are looking at the NEW 2010-2011 GHA Praise Report…..did you get yours yet?! [Click HERE to view.]

A closing candle ceremony

Classmates at FL PiP

Two proud kids taking a picture of THEIR mom

2 Proud kids

Earline with some leaders in the FL program

Leaders at FL Pip

OKAY….but now it is time to pack, pack, PACK!

We leave TOMORROW MORNING for our 2-week, 400-mile Mission POSSIBLE Tour at 6:30am!

[See you in church at Mt. Sinai….we leave right after the 2nd service.]

ONLY thru God’s grace,


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