Day 11 [Homestead – Miami, FL]


[Distance traveled: 31 miles]

Happy Monday!

The South Dade County Trail starts just behind the RaceTrak at the corner of Hwy 1 and Card Sound Road. From there it continues for some 30 miles all the way to downtown Miami, and that was the route we traveled today.

Sometimes it was just some pavement beside the bus lanes….


Sometimes it was woodsy, like in the University of Miami area….

Wooded area trail

Sometimes it was over a wooden bridge….

Earline on wooden bridge

Sometimes over a cement bridge….

Earline on busway bridge

Sometimes UNDER an elevated train bridge….

Earline under L-Train

Sometimes over a metal bridge….

Over a bridge

….and, of course, that meant being able to come DOWN from a metal bridge!

Earline going down bridge


Sometimes it went behind a bus station….

Bus station

Sometimes it went THROUGH a bus station….

THRU bus station

….so basically, a lot of bridges and busses today.

BUSway near downtown

There was even a drawbidge downtown, at the END of the South Dade Trail.


One GREAT THING the trail did, was go past a SubStation.


Earline had GREAT things to say about their Philly cheese-steaks! Mmmm-mmmm!

Philly cheesesteak

They sit right on the bike trail, at the corner of Flagler and Campbell, just north of Homestead. Check ‘em out!

In the SubStation we also had a chance to meet Kevin and Karina. They were both respectful and well-spoken, and we thought very highly of them. They WILL BOTH be in our prayers and thoughts as Kevin plans on joining the Army soon.

Kevin and Karina

One thing that DID concern us today, though, was the number of homeless people that we saw, almost always older men, just sitting, or sleeping in a variety of places. We actually saw one guy talking a leak at the back of one of the bus stops as we rode by.


No wonder many of the bus stops reeked of urine as we rode past.

Miami has got a PROBLEM.

Now we understand that EVERYBODY has a story, or as our niece Coco puts it, everyone has a STRUGGLE. And today, riding on the trail, we saw many examples of The Days of Our Struggle:

Guys sleeping along the Trail…

Guy laying down struggle

White guys approaching cars with cup in hand…

White guy can in hand struggle

Black guys approaching cars with cup in hand….

Black guy can in hand struggle

Or even a makeshift homeless campground, anchored with shopping carts, in the parking garage of the Dadeland Mall….

Makeshift campground at Dade mall


Even Philippians 1:30 says:

“We are in this struggle together. You have seen my struggle in the past, and you know that I am still in the midst of it.”

FEARLESS Song #1 says: “Have I not commanded you be strong and of good courage??!!”


Beat the struggle! You can do it!

Through God’s grace,


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