Day 11 [St. Augustine and FSDB]


We spent the morning with the Thompson’s, had a wonderful breakfast, and then got some more rest, washed some clothes, worked on the blog, and prepped for the program that we would be doing in the Music Building at FSDB [Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind] tonight.

I got the trikes ready for the ride over to FSDB [minus the panniers.]

Trikes in Thomas yard

UNLIKE the shoes and clothes of the Israelites those 40 years in the desert, our tires seem to be wearing out rather quickly. I’ll probabably make a run to the Walmart tonight to see if I can find something to get us home with.

The Thompsons treated us to a taco place just walking distance from the house – blackened fish wrapped in a soft and hard shell – good eatin’!

As it was getting dark, and heading over to FSDB, we needed to cross over the [dreaded] Lion’s Bridge.

Lions Bridge at sunset

You can just see the red and white guard bar in a vertical position behind the post with the flashers on it. That’s what came down the when we tried to cross yesterday!

But we were ready this time! Just took off our side bags before attempting the narrow drawbridge walkway.

Narrow draw bridge path

At the school security gate, we were again helped by Ron Stafford. The reflective sign on the wall blew out this picture, but I wanted to include it because Ron was so helpful and pleasant to Earline and me. Thanks, Ron!

Ron Stafford security

There was a Young Life leader’s meeting and prayer time before the program started, with Don Lohr going through the agenda. [Whoops! It likes like someone – girl in the middle of the picture – was up late last night studying!….Many of the leaders are actually students at Flagler College…..Psst: Maybe just remember to cover your mouth when you yawn next time – you never know who might be taking a picture!] [And yes, Caleb, I remembered your name!]

Don Lohr and leaders

I also went ahead and tuned up the guitar for a guitar for a warm-up song I would be doing, with some help from Trevor, a sophomore blind student at FSDB.

Jon tune guitar

After the leaders went and got the kids, they had a fun and goofy mixer to get the kids warmed up – kind of like a cakewalk chairs game. This game had different colored tape on the floor that you had to run to and hope that your shapes’ color wouldn’t be eliminated when the music stopped.

Colored shapes mixer

[And yes, Caleb, I DID remember your name!]

I estimate there were around 120-140 students there….not only those who participate in Young Life, but also from some other Christian groups that serve the students. Here is a small portion of the students that were there.

Some of the students

Earline and I shared about not only last year’s Mission Possible Tour, but this year’s 400 mile trip.

We did [of course!] “Deep and Wide”, sharing how the Mississippi River is not only only as much as 7 miles wide through Lake Winni, but is at times during floods more than 50 feet deep in some sections of the river. And then we talked about God’s love, and how Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3 expresses his desire for us to understand how deep, and wide, and long and high God’s love for us truly is.

After we had seen the vulture on the road past De Leon Springs, we had written a little song about not being afraid: “Birds, dogs, bridges, and bears – I will not be afraid.” And we talked about how perfect love, the type of LOVE that God demonstrates for us, CASTS OUT fear!

You know, road kill will preach. If you aren’t careful spiritually, you can get RUN OVER by the cares of this world. And if you’re DEAD, if you’re not moving and growing spiritually….if you’re not reading His Word and actively using the gifts that God has given YOU….Satan, like a vulture that will only eat dead stuff, will keep nibbling away at you until you are only a dried, dead carcass that one can barely recognize on the road of life…..AMEN!

Afterwards it was DONUT TIME, with many gooey delights to enjoy. We met Q and Kelly.

Q and EEB and Kerry

Q is a senior and actually lives in Orlando, not far from us. He even volunteered to use his young, strong muscles to help us move some things next week….thanks, Q!

Afterwards the Young Life crew went to the Village Inn for free pie night. How do you guys stay thin??!! [Ah, yes. Young, fast metabolism is a wonderful thing.] [And yes, Caleb, I STILL remember your name!]

Pie at Village Inn

Sam and Ann treated us to some pie, as well…..thanks, guys!

Sam and Ann and us at PIE

And thank YOU, Lord God, for allowing us to minister at FSDB….may Your Words have a lasting effect on the lives and thoughts of those who saw and heard what YOU had to say through us.



[Yes, Caleb, I STILL remember your name!]

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