Day 12 [St. Cloud (Foley), MN]

JUNE 12, 2010

Spent most of this cold, rainy, Saturday indoors (yea!) at the local McDonalds in Foley, and worked on route planning and blogging, as we stayed another night with the Dillman family.

Outside Mcdonalds rainy Day12

The folks at McDonalds were great, very hospitable (and I loved the hot chocolate!). Here’s Jeff and the crew:

Jerry and crew

WHOOPS! Where’s Katie? AH-H-H-H, found her….in the drive thru!

Katie in drivethru

Met several couples there for a wedding – 3 generations! (grandpa said he doesn’t normally dress up like this!). Also met a couple guys who were interested in our outreach to the Deaf, and they even donated some cash money for our non-profit! Thank you so MUCH….it’s generosity like that that makes this trip and our ministry to the Deaf community possible….without folks like you, we could not do it. Thanks again.

After we finished a bunch of work, we headed back to the Dillman ranch, and let the crew there experience riding on the trikes….much fun and giggles:

All the kids taking a turn

Here’s all the girls (Trinity, Tiffany, Earline, and Tabitha), as well as Titus:

The girls and Titus

Speaking of – I don’t think I have a photo of THOMAS…..HERE he is (along with Titus):

Thomas and Titus

Then we loaded up the trikes on the Dillman trailer, and Mitch drove us over to a Fairfield in town, to get ready for the next two days, and Mpls. this week:

Loaded up in trailer

Yes, Thomas and Judy, we already made use of your generosity….and it was greatly appreciated! Which brings me to the WiFi Moment of the day:

In Mark 6:7, Jesus sent out the disciples by two, taking nothing with them except their clothes and sandals. No food, no traveling bag, no money, not even an extra coat! (now THAT is faith, huh??!!)

But then, a little later in the chapter, starting at verse 30, when the disciples got back from their ministry, Jesus told them, “Let’s get away from the crowds for a while and rest.” Sometimes there were so many people coming and going, Jesus and His apostles didn’t even have time to eat! (Of course, right after this comes the feeding of the 5,000 men, plus women and children. God WILL supply!)

To those of you who are also in ministry….are you getting YOUR proper rest?

Jesus instructed his disciples to “remove themselves from the action” so that they could get some rest. Psalm 127, verse 2 says that “God wants His loved ones to get their proper rest.”

So GET SOME REST. We have, and we’e ready to head to Minneapolis, 6:00 in the morning.

Please continue to pray for us, that God will take us to the specific people He wants us to minister to.




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