Day 13 [St. Cloud, MN]

JUNE 13, 2010

Up early, and headed over to Life Assembly of God, the home church of Mitch’s dad, Dana Dillman, who is also Deaf.

Brandi, who you met on DAY 10, says the Mr. Dana is the reason she is an interpreter today. He would tease her and tease her when she couldn’t get the signs, until she was almost in tears, but it was Mr. Dana who forced the issue and made her sign language skills better and better.

Here’s Mr. Dana, trying HIS hand at triking!!:

Mr Dana on the trike

Mitch also has a younger brother named Nick…..and all you interpreters in Central Florida need to get ready, because Nick will soon be moving to the Orlando area to get married, he is Deaf, and he is a LICENSED massage therapist! (whoo-whoo!)

Here’s Nick on Earline’s trike:

Nick on a trike

We enjoyed the worship service at Life Assembly under the guidance of Pastor Craig Moore. And Mitch’s wife, Krista, is an ANOINTED interpreter – she seemed to come alive when presenting the preached word. Excellent! Here’s a picture of the whole crew after the service:

Dillman family photo

Earline even made it to church in her Sunday dress finest!! [yes, she did!]:

Earline headed to church

The youth of Life Assembly were outside, performing a “get-the-bad-stuff-out-adectomy” on Corey:

Getting the bad music out

And when Corey got the WORD put in him…! New Life!

New LIFE for Corey

Great job, guys! As the WORD says in Psalm 119:162, “I rejoice on your Word, like one who finds great treasure!” and verse 35, “Make me walk along the path of your commands, for THAT is where my happiness is found!”

GOOD stuff!

And when we got back to the hotel, Miss Punky [love that name] made sure that our accommodations were JUST right….

Miss Punky

Good night!



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