Day 19 [St. Paul, MN]


Okay, okay……yes, it was my birthday, and thanks to ALL of you who sent greetings….it helped make the day special!

How old am I? 67…..and as Earline says, “Don’t I look good??!!”

Okay, okay…..I learned that from a cosmetologist who said that whenever people asked her about her age, she always ADDED 10 years. She said that THEN people would tell her how WONDERFUL she looked, and she said she liked getting the compliments!! Ha!

We went to the Cancer Awareness seminar at the New Hope Baptist Church this morning, and had a very informative session on some of the details, characteristics, and contributing factors of this disease. Makeisha Nesbitt from the American Cancer Society was the MOST EXCELLENT facilitator:

ACS facilitator at conf

On our way to the cancer Awareness seminar, we went right past the Minnesota State Capitol Building (yes, the skies look threatening, but surprise…..we DID NOT get rained on today…..YEA!!):

Capitol building in St Paul

Uncle A had a chance to test drive the trike:

Uncle A test drive

And Earline met someone at the seminar who spelled her name EXACTLY the same way! Here’s Earline AND Earline:

Earline AND Earline

On the way back to the house, after making some printed copies of our new survey, we went a different way and what should we see but……a DAIRY QUEEN! (Number 5, for those of you who are keeping count!)

I had, yes, a Brownie Batter Blizzard (Torin, wish you could’ve been here! I had a spoonful in your remembrance….ha!). But you know, what is INTERESTING about that is…..earlier in the day, I had teasingly said that I was ‘praying’ for brownies…..and look what God made available!! Who says that He is not intimately involved with the details in our lives!

I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating:  I have found that when I stop praying, the coincidences stop happening!

Cousin Jhawn stopped by for a photo op:

Jhawn with J and E

We’ve decided to stay and go to church tomorrow with Uncle and Auntee, and then head south early on Monday.

Thru God’s Grace alone,


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