Day 19 [Stuart – North Ft. Pierce Beach, FL]


[Distance traveled: 32 miles]


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Now on to TODAY.

Today’s excitement includes $1 shorts, 115 Billion Sold, and 3 TALL bridges!

Are you excited?

Well, actually… was…..well, kinda boring. Yup.

We did have 3 HIGH bridges for Earline and I to cross, but the stretch from Stuart to Ft. Pierce is….well, there is not much on that section of A1A.

We got ready to leave the Best Western [they were GREAT!], and they had a full breakfast buffet.

Ready to leave the Best Western

In less than a mile, we noticed this MacDonalds sign [now I know this will date some of you], one of the ORIGINAL signs here in Stuart, where they used to list how many million burgers had ben sold around the world.

Remember 5 million, or 10 million, or 20 million?

Well, now they are up to 115,000 million! Whoa!

Original Mac sign

Love the sign.

As we headed out of town, Earline noticed a church THRIFT STORE sign….this is where she LOVES to shop! So we HAD to stop!

St Mary Thrift Store

And the sign next to the front door said:

And the sign said

Whoa! Can’t hardly beat THAT price!

[And I do believe Earline FOUND a few things….ONLY ONE RULE….SHE had to carry whatever she bought on HER trike! Ha!]

On the way out of town we also stopped at a Dollar Store, to pick up some thank-you cards.

Words to the wise will be sufficient:  ALWAYS be sure to make extra effort say thank-you to those who have helped and blessed YOU.

This is a built-in characteristic of every human being, that is reflective of the attitude that GOD Himself has:  in Psalm 50 it says that God does NOT need or desire our sacrificial offerings, EXCEPT the offering of gratitude and thanks. THAT is what He really wants, along with keeping our vows to Him, and asking Him for help when we need it. Check it out.

We hit our first big bridge going east from Stuart over to A1A.

St Lucie bridge

There was a separated path for walkers, bikers, and TRIKERS!

A separate side path is Earline’s preference.

Separated path up St Lucie bridge

And, of course, once you get to the top, going DOWN is the best part of all….

….but WAIT! What is that in the distance….ANOTHER BRIDGE??!!

Going down to go up again


Getting to the coast is a 2-part deal here!

So….up we go AGAIN!

Indian River Lagoon bridge

Notice all the birds….there were a lot of crows, or blackbirds, or whatever they were….just “hanging” on the wind. It was so strong from the south here, from right to left, that the birds could literally not flap their wings, but just face the wind and glide up and down. Interesting to see!

The view from the top was pretty nice.

View from top

The bridge engineers had even designed a place to put a couple benches at the top….great!

Seats at the top

I actually did a video of us coming down from the top of this bridge….stay tuned. I hope to get it posted this weekend.

Once we got all the way over to A1A, we curved north, and the wind was behind us. YEA!

The road here looked like this:

And then 20 miles

And then some of that:

Some of that

And then, a little bit more of THIS:

Little more of the other thing

Yeah, it was a little boring….for TWENTY MILES.

But in all fairness, we did see a few interesting things along the way. We happened to catch this fisherman in his hip waders using a net to catch fish [we saw something similar to this on the Sea of Galilee in Israel].

Man fishing with net

We also went past the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Production Plant….BIG!

St Lucie Nuckear Power Plant

And we did see a FEW beautiful homes on the beachfront. This one was sitting all by itself.

Pretty alone house for sale

Actually, this one was for sale. If you’re interested, send me a request in the comments section….I have a phone number. [Seriously!]

Once we finally got to the Jetty Park, and headed west towards Ft. Pierce, the sky was getting pretty dark in the northwest. I hear they had some bad storms up in Orlando today.

But for us…..that made for some pretty sunset photos.

3rd high bridge

And yes, that is yet ANOTHER bridge up ahead. Up we go!

View from 3rd tall bridge

The view to the north was impressive:

From top of 3rd see guys on pier

What are those guys doin’ down there? Let me zoom in.

2 guys on pier

Looks like they’re doin’ some fishin’. We saw a lot of that today from the bridges.

Headed north thru Ft. Pierce so that we could get on the bridge that goes east back out to A1A. Saw this sign outside a little restaurant.

Restaurants cook

Well, at least you are guaranteed that your fish will be FRESH!

Getting dark now, but we have all our lights on our trikes beaming away.

Earline near dark north of Ft Pierce

And one final bridge to cross….a drawbridge, with, yes, a few fishermen still out there fishin’.

Fishermen on bridge near dark

Arrived about 6:00pm at the little German American Motel. Cute place! And big! We’ll try and get some pictures in the morning.

Saw some heavy rain clouds and impressive lightning to the north as we pulled into the motel. God’s power on display.

Had a quick meal at Sharkys across the street, met the owner, and explained to her that we had ridden over 300 miles just to eat at her place! [smile]

Again, God, thanks for YOUR protection, and guidance. With You, TRULY, ALL things are possible….even making it thru a rather mundane day.

And ONLY through God’s grace,


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