Day 2 [Key West, FL]


[Distance traveled: 22 miles]

Today’s the day it worked out for us to officially take our trikes to downtown Key West, and road testing them in town before we head northeast next Monday or Tuesday. It is really wonderful weather down here right now – this is definitely a good time for cycling in Florida.

Which reminds me, that next Sunday is the annual Horrible Hundred out in Clermont that I will be missing again this year….ack! Maybe next year. I am sure that Sugarloaf Mountain will still be there!


It was a little “scatter-brained” prepping for the ride….it really had been a long while since we had ridden together, maybe 6 months, and we weren’t quite sure where everything was that we packed on Thursday morning! That takes a few weeks to remember which pocket has which item! Ha.

Here is Earline focused in the morning….what do you think about her “bling” baseball cap?! [I really am not sure WHAT to think!]

Earline focused and ready to ride

We did our usual A-B-C check [Air in our tires, Brakes working okay, and Chain lubed and running free], plus some stretching of our muscles, and prayer time.

BEAUTIFUL day today. Did you now that there are almost 1700 islands in the Florida Keys? And about a hundred of those are connected by the bridges of Highway 1, or what is called the Overseas Highway. And how many bridges?

I was pretty surprised when I heard this.

The number of bridges connecting those islands is EXACTLY the same number of bridges that we went over during the 2010 Mission POSSIBLE Tour.

Do you remember the number? [I’ll tell you at the END of this blog entry.]


There is a separate bike path we are told that goes all the way into downtown Key West. But then, we ran across THIS sign:

Bike Lane ends


Now, where do we go?


Well, we stayed on the same side of the road, and about 300 feet ahead, we ran into another sign:

Bike Lane begins

So I guess the interruption was “temporary.”

We went past the Naval Air Station that I mentioned to you yesterday. I fact, this morning  I was able to record one of the jets taking off….and let me make sure to point out, this is recorded INSIDE the apartment!


Here’s a picture of the entrance:

Front of Naval Air Station

We soon then came across our first long stretch of water….bridge looks a little skinny, but it turned out to be a good 4 foot wide, a lot better than the 36-inch wide draw bridge that we had a tangle with back in 2011. Read about THAT here!

This is called the Boca Chica Channel, channels being the water that separates the islands.

Boca Chica Channel

Once into Key West proper, we rode along Roosevelt Boulevard on the north side of the island….the road had been recently upgraded, and it was a very pretty drive.

Earline along north side of island2

Key West is a VERY bike-friendly town, and it was a little comforting to us to see all the bicycles everywhere….they may outnumber the cars!

Headed to Mallory Square

And the cars did seem to show deference to the various bikes, trikes, and mopeds.

Trouble with the MOPEDS, though, is that there are more things that can go wrong with them…like the ENGINE. But never fear, we saw the Moped Hospital!

Moped Hospital

We eventually found Mallory Square….and we saw these two “colorful” characters. They were being pretty rowdy, one was very drunk, it seemed, and like it describes in Proverbs 23:29-35, he is probably really hurting right now!

2 guys at Mallory Square

Right next to Mallory Square, we did NOT see this last night, so it must have come in during the night, the Disney Cruise ship “Wonder.” It is HUGE, about 50% bigger than even Noah’s Ark!

Disney Cruise ship

It was real pretty down by the pier and the Key West Aquarium. There WAS signage that said bicycles were not allowed, but I saw lots of bikes on the pier, I saw a sign that said don’t lock your bikes here along the fence, AND there was even a place on the pier to rent bikes! So I’m not sure WHO to believe….hmmmm!

Jon on pier

I did some repair work on my trike, and we hung around for a while, looking for folks to engage in conversation, but no one approached us, except for a few kids who weren’t afraid to express their enthusiasm and say, “Nice bike!”

We later ran across an area that had some historical significance…it was called the “Southern White House.” Apparently several U.S. presidents have used it as vacation or second kind of “command center.”

We also saw this sign [I circled what caught my eye]:

Convent sign

Wait, wait, wait, what….what did you say?

Holy NAMES?!

Nope, no-no-no-no. Psalm 111:6-9 says that:

“He has shown HIS great power to HIS people by giving them the lands of other nations. 

ALL He does is just and good, and ALL His commandments are trustworthy.They are forever true, to be obeyed faithfully and with integrity. 

HE has paid a full ransom for HIS people. HE has guaranteed HIS covenant with them forever.

What a holy, awe-inspiring name HE has!”

Oops! No Mary here!

And Peter CLEARLY states in Acts 4:12:

There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.

That should clear up ANY confusion!

Finally headed back to Coppitt Key, and again rode past the Salt Pond Keys on Roosevelt Boulevard.

North Roosevelt Blvd in Key West

Also on the way home, we saw a couple jets circle over us, and descend to land….LOUD! And I got a picture of one of them:

Jet fighter landing

Final mileage total today — 22 miles.

Oh, and we did stop one more place….I was able to engage a couple people in conversation for almost AN HOUR outside of a Ross clothing store….because, yes, Earline was IN the store buying a few white things that she forgot to bring to counter the heat of the sun on hot days like today!

Hour front of Ross


ONLY thru God’s grace,


[Oh, and by the way, there were 42 bridges over the Mississippi River on our 2010 Mission POSSIBLE Tour, EXACTLY the same number that we will be crossing in the Florida Keys. Of course, we will be crossing other bridges later, like the Venetian Causeway from Miami to Miami Beach, so we’ll do MORE than 42 this trip!]

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