Day 23 [Melbourne, FL]


Today was OUR Thanksgiving, as we were able to spend time with my sister, and even have some leftover turkey!

Dennis and Jyl have a dog named Riley, 5 years old, and was gentle enough even for Earline to pat [just like Thor back in 2010]. Hey, Riley!

Earline and Riley

And we had to get a selfie with Jyl:

Selfie with Earline Jon Jyl

In the evening we went to a local church named Faith Fellowship….real pretty sanctuary, and the folks were friendly….

Faith Fellowship sanctuary

The assistant pastor gave a message from John, and they were true to the Word….boldly declaring that Jesus is God in the flesh….in verse 14 of John 1, the Greek word that is translated flesh, or human, is the word sarx, which literally means not a soul or a spirit, but strictly the meat of an animal….”meat and bones” as some would say. God IN THE FLESH.

John was THERE….he should know!

[John confirms this in his 1st letter….see 1 John 4:2. To test if a person is an authentic prophet, they HAVE to believe that Jesus came in the flesh.]

Jesus is also described as LIGHT in John 1:5. The light that darkness can NEVER extinguish.

Today at the house I saw some lights that can go out, but they are definitely stronger than any bike light I have ever seen. My brother-in-law markets bike parts and accessories to dealers across Florida, and he showed me his suitcase of lights from Serfas, one of which is 2500 lumens. 25 HUNDRED lumens.

Check your light bulbs in the store sometime….400, 800 lumens. Not this….

Serfas light

2500 lumens! That is brighter than a car headlight! Wow.

[Of course, Jesus’ “LIGHT” is even brighter than that, and it NEVER goes out! Ha!]

If you want more details about the Serfas light, leave me a comment here, and I’ll get back to you.

Time to pack and get ready to hit the road tomorrow morning. Only 2 days left!



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