Day 3 [Key West, FL]


Happy Sunday!

Well, I do believe that today was the SHORTEST distance we have ever had to go to a church service. I remember, I did live in a church for 4 months during my senior year of college for an internship as a youth director, but my apartment there was was at the far end of the church, and I had to walk a ways, where this was just down the stairs and under our apartment, so I think this trip to church wins!


[Also DARE NOT BE LATE for this church…no excuse there!]

At the 9:30 Sunday School, Elder Tim Warner lead us into an interesting study of the Greek words for love. One thing he pointed out that I didn’t know was the first instance of the word LOVE in the Bible is….

Well, do you know?


Got it?

The answer is….

….I’ll tell you at the end of the blog! [smile]

In the 11:00 church service, Pastor Bill tackled the difficult subject of the event of salvation being a decision of an individual versus God’s enabling. This was based on Ephesians 2:1-10. Excellent study.

Pastor’s wife Sessie led us in music worship:


Here’s Pastor Bill talking to one the attendees, Lois, after the service:

Lois and Pastor Bill

Then Pastor and his wife invited us to their home for lunch. Wonderful food and fellowship!

Then, we were ALLOWED to come to the evening service, too! Woo-woo!




Again, Pastor Bill gave an interesting and thorough study on Simon the magician in Acts 8:4-25, and the difference between the Gospel as a narrative, Acts as church history, or didactical teaching from an epistle. Deep teaching that Pastor Bill was able to share clearly and with understanding. THANKS!

Here is Pastor Bill with Earline and I:

Jon, Earline, Bill

The church has many paintings on the walls that were actually painted by the Welzien’s daughter Abigail….here are 2 that she did – the Pillars of Fire and Cloud in the desert:

Pillars of fire and cloud

Abigail’s web site is

We also had a chance to meet their daughter Priscilla, and her “good friend” Doug who just finished 5 years in the Navy, and a week from tomorrow will start work as a civilian air traffic controller here at the Navy Training Center we rode past yesterday. God bless your efforts, Doug, and thank you for honoring God with YOUR testimony!

Priscilla and Doug

Earline made a new friend, too, with Judy, who we prayed together with for her friend who had a leaky house boat. God, please fix his boat, and make it obvious to him that it was YOUR doing! Amen!

Earline and Judy

THANK YOU Keys Presbyterian Church for your fellowship and your friendship.

Tomorrow we will stay in one more day to do some repair on the trikes, clean clothes, and avoid any rain left over from today!

[It has been raining pretty much all day, and right now at 11:55pm, is raining quite hard! THANKS, GOD, that we were not traveling today…YES!]

Only through God’s grace,


[Oh, I almost forgot! The answer to the first instance of the word “love” in the Bible? It is not until the 22nd chapter of Genesis. Check out verse 2. And it is a pattern of life, of sacrifice, that flows throughout the Bible until God Himself offers Himself on the cross. See Philippians 2:5-11.]

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