Day 5 UPDATE [Key West – Bahia Honda Key]

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Unable to get internet thru my hotspot, so I am unable to blog, but it looks like I CAN access my blog software thru my phone, so I will just give you a quick update, and submit a full blog with photos at a later date.

THANKS for your prayers! Total mileage today, over 28 miles, but we had only gone about 5 miles when we had a tire blow-out on Earline’s trike while ON a bridge! Ack!

It was a weird flat…the hole was a slice on the TOP of the tire, on the inner surface. It looked to be a defect in the tire, where wire became exposed and sliced the tire.

Earline helped me carry the trike (it was the back tire) back off the bridge, where could disassemble the entire back end, panniers, tires, and all, and discover what was wrong.

After an hour or so we continued on our way, and a BEAUTIFUL day it was. Earline has been experiencing some stomach problems (not related to the triking, I don’t think, LOL), so DO pray for her health.

It MIGHT be related to the fear of going over the 7-mile bridge tomorrow, but she says it isn’t. The adventure with the flat tire on the bridge was actually a good dry run for us today, and we discussed how we would handle fixing a flat if it happened 3 miles from either end of the 7-mile bridge.

In FEARLESS Song #3, God ASSURES us that for those of us committed to HIS leading in our lives, that He will strengthen us, that He WILL help us. and He WILL hold us up with power to make it thru circumstances that would otherwise beat us down. Outstanding!

And if we can visually make that more clear to folks thru our “crazy” tricycle Mission POSSIBLE Tours, if God can use us in this way to bring folks closer to Him, and more appreciative of His grace….then WE are comforted in knowing that we HAVE made a difference, and not “gone to the grave empty” as the late Dr. Myles Monroe would say.

We are staying tonight at the Bahia Honda State Park, just on the west end of the 7-mile bridge. As we were setting up our tent we had the opportunity for many minutes to talk with the Redmonds and the Dunns who are also camping here tonight, and they asked many wonderful questions about our ministry, and our efforts with the Deaf community. It is the opportunity to share with nice folks like this that makes our mission that much more gratifying.

Well, this update is turning to be a little more than a normal update! But, thanks for listening, and thanks for your prayers. YOU do truly help make the Mission POSSIBLE!

Only thru God’s grace,


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