Day 6 [Bahia Honda Key – Little Crawl Key]


[Distance traveled: 21 miles]

Tonight we are at Curry Hammock State Park on Little Crawl Key.

Here was our campsite at Bahia Honda State Park:

Campsite at Bahia

There were some very FAT pigeons that looked a little TOO tame….

Fat pigeons

…so I tested them, to se if they’d been “trained” to go after food….I took a few small rocks by the table…

Tiny rocks

….and tossed them in the middle of pigeons. Yowzer! Mass hysteria!

Mass hysteria

SOMEBODY’s been feeding these birds. So now you know – if anyone ever calls you “bird-brained”, do NOT take it as a compliment! Ha!

The beach and the grounds really WERE beautiful at Bahia Honda.

Bahia beach

Bahia grounds

South facing campsites

They even had a little cafe on property, and Ora and Rhonda made us some great sandwiches to eat and take with us [with  little help from “BatMan!”]

Ora, BatMan, and Rhonda


Now it’s time to tackle the 7-MILER!

And it didn’t take too long to reach the start of it….here’s Earline’s first view of the bridge:

Earline shoots photo of 7-mile bridge

Here’s what she saw….one mile to go!

One mile to go

And at the start:

At the start

No potty breaks for the next 7 miles!

The beginning….the shoulder was not too bad, maybe 5, 5-and-a-half feet. But I should mention here….one thing I had been trying to figure out, is….where was the picture taken of the bridge that we have on our flyers, and on the front of the site, as well as the front of the site?

Well, I have since learned that the bridge really has three parts:

1) the west end

2) the “hump” that lets ships pass under the bridge

3) and the east end.

But the two ends are NOT equal.

The west end is almost 5 miles long, while the east end is only about 2 miles long. And because of the curve of the bridge, I realized that the picture was taken from north of the east end of the bridge, looking back at the bridge, in a west, southwesterly direction, as if you were pointed at Key West.

In that photo, you really don’t see ANY of the 5-mile southwest stretch of the bridge!

That is why at the start of the bridge, headed east, you really can barely see the hump at the far end.

Along the 5-mile beginning

After we had a gone a couple miles, we stopped and took a couple pictures…..a lot of water out there! Are we halfway yet?

Whew are we halfway

Approaching the hump:

Approach the hump

For the next three pictures, where Earline is climbing the hump, at the very top, and then descending the hump, I am going to insert them here at a larger size, for those of you with BIG screens. It may look the same size as the other photos here, but you should be able to click on the photo itself, and bring up a much larger and clearer version of the photo.

Here are 3 higher resolution photos of Earline at the top of the 7-Mile Bridge:

Earline climbing hump

Earline at top of hump

Down the hump

I am grateful that we had no storms or high winds on our trip over the bridge, or any flat tires!

When we got to the other end, it was time to celebrate!

With God’s help, and only by His grace, I did this!

With Gods help I did this

Slurpee reward time!


Well, after all the excitement today, Earline’s knee was REALLY starting to bother her, similar to what she experienced the first few days of the 2010 Mission Possible Tour. We ran across a Walgreens in Marathon Key, and picked up a wrap for Earline’s knee to help support it. We decided to limit our day to only about 20 miles, and camp at the Curry Hammock State Park.

Actually “decided” is probably not the right word, because by the time we got to CHSP, it was only about 20 minutes before sunset (when the park closes). The park ranger told us they had a grassy area where we could pitch our tent, beside a man from Canada on bicycle, and two girls from Minnesota also traveling by bicycle to Key West.

So Earline hobbled around on her wrapped knee, we struggled to get the tent set up in the dark….


….and then the hot water in the men’s shower was not working.



FEARS FACED, and FEARS CONQUERED….now we have to take care of that knee, because we still have over 400 miles to go!

Only through God’s grace,


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