Day 63 [Belmont State Park, Columbus, KY – Cayce, KY]


After an extremely warm night at Columbus Belmont State Park, we decided to stick around for a few hours until the heat of the day was past. That gave me a chance to get caught up on 2 days worth of blogging, and Earline a chance to do some reading and get some rest.

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View of Mississippi River from SP

Barge from CB SP

We met Cathy, one of the park’s hosts, and she was so kind to bring us some ice for our water bottles. It has been so hot – heat indexes well over 100 degrees each day, so ice is like GOLD for us.

About 5pm we headed south through some more rolling hills. (They have some serious hills in even western Kentucky!)

Still have hills in Kentucky

At one point, in the middle of 100s of acres of soybeans and corn as far as we could see, we were getting 5 bars of reception on our phones with no tower in sight, even though last night on top of one of the highest bluffs around, we had no phone service.


Too much technology for me!

(In other words, I’ve been dealing with technology all my life, and I STILL can’t figure some of this stuff out!…..ack!)

A lady sitting on her porch in Oakton greeted us and asked us if we needed some water or ice….absolutely! Here’s the Stinson family AND Howie Houghton.

Stinson family

Perfect timing! (Thank you, God!) We went past this little church…..and take a close look at the name….

Past little church ins outhern Kentucky

Mt Sinai sign

Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church! How about that! I believe this was also in Oakton. They even had a little cemetery in the back.

Mt Sinai cemetery

Continued through some more farmland (and past yet another cemetery)….

Southern Kentucky road

Oakwood cemetery

We got down to Cayce (pronounced “casey”) as we saw another beautiful sunset.

Sunset near Cayce

Stopped at a little convenience store and met Judy Blackburn. Judy was so kind – she made Earline a fat ham sandwich, and gave me a big tall glass of milk. Yea!

Judy and Earline

Please pray for Judy and her daughter, Victoria. At the age of only 30, Victoria was recently diagnosed with the first ever recorded tumor growing in her heart. The Mayo Clinic was involved – complications from the surgery and medications caused her to have a stroke, debilitating her whole right side.

She IS walking again, but much of her right side is still not functioning, and the ability to engage in conversations is a whole new struggle. But they ARE believers, and we do know that with God ALL things ARE possible!

After leaving the convenience store, we met 2 more young ladies and their young son or nephew outside, and spent about 15 minutes talking to them, and explaining our Mission Possible Tour.

By now it was very dark, but I remembered seeing a sign for a Methodist church just around the corner. And sure enough, there it was. There was a big cemetery on the west side of the church, and they had a large cement platform in front by the main entrance. In the corner of that platform, right under a big oak tree is where we set our tent.

Tent in corner of cement

(Here’s a picture of where we set up our tent from the next morning.)

Campsite front of Methodist church

Again, it was dark, who do you ask?….the house to the right might have been the parsonage, but maybe it wasn’t. So….if someone didn’t want us there (we weren’t hiding – we were RIGHT in front), I’m sure they’d let us know….we quickly set up the tent, and laid down to rest.

And there’s something peaceful about laying down right next to a building where they worship God. Even David extolled the idea of living in God’s house. [Psalm 27:4]

Earline says she heard wild dogs and wolves, but that’s another story!



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  1. Mrs. Rhonda Callison

    Hope you two are being safe. You are both in our prayers and thoughts. Just wanted to let you know Mitzi’s email is

    We are so Thankful that God allowed you to see the Love for the Lord that the Congregation of Beech Grove Baptist Church has for the Lord. We are so Blessed That God sent us there. We Thank Him Daily for allowing us to Serve His people. Thank you for allowing us to meet you. God bless you on your trip. We look forward to reading your blogs.


  2. Jon

    Thanks so much! We LOVED the fact that you folks were “in the Word!” The meal and the fellowship were a great refresher for us. Thanks again!


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