Day 65 [Samburg, TN – Chisholm Lake, TN]


Day 65 started out in one of the nicest, cleanest motels we had been in all summer….the Southshore Resort on the southeast side of Reelfoot Lake in western Tennessee. Thanks, Rick, for an outstanding establishment. You are to be commended. (Now if you can just get some great internet access in there…..ha!)

South Shore Resort

Starting out day 65

Yes, the Southshore did not have internet.

That has probably been on of the biggest challenges and disappointments of the Mission Possible Tour….I really had no idea that getting a halfway decent internet connection, or even phone service for much of the trip, would EVER be as difficult as it has been.

Maybe that is the challenge of living in a metro area like Orlando. You get spoiled.

Very hard to even FIND an internet connection, and when I do, it is often unreliable.

As I sit right now in a Super 8 in Ripley, Tennessee, the internet is down. The front desk said that they were also experiencing problems, and couldn’t help me. Neither Earline or I have phone service (although Earline was able to pick up an occasional signal outside.) My phone, which had been fine earlier this morning, now is in a perpetual state of reboot, and I cannot get it to come on. Which means my phone service, my google maps, my text blogs, my addresses, some photographs, my voice notes, my Scripture notes…..NONE of it is accessible at this time…….

And YET…

I KNOW that the God of this universe, the One who is the creator of ALL life and physical matter, the One who holds EVERYTHING together (see Colossians 1:16 and 17) knows ALL of my frustrations, knows ALL of YOUR frustrations, knows every detail of EVERY circumstance….and is able to fix everything in an instant, and I pray and hope that He will do so, for my benefit, for your benefit, for HIS glory….I cannot complain.

I won’t.

Day 65 also became one of the longest and hardest days of our Mission Possible Tour. Since the actual temperature during the past couple days here along the MR has been over 100 degrees, with heat indices between 115 and 120 degrees, we again stayed out of the heat of the day. With our nice, large, air-conditioned room I was able to do some repair work on the trikes with the supplies I picked up at the Post Office yesterday, putting the liner and Flat Attack goop that Mark sent me in my back tire, tightening up Earline’s side bars, fixing my mirror that got beat up when I went upside down in the ditch the other day….it was a productive morning.

[If you EVER get the chance to do repair work in an air-conditioned area….DO IT!…..HA!]

And even though I did not have an internet connection, during the morning hours I was able to prep on the computer all the photos to the current day, ready to be uploaded to the web site when I can.

We said our goodbyes to Joi, who works in the Pier restaurant, along with her sister Velvet, who waited on us last night.

Joi at Southshore Pier Restaurant

Their step-mom is Deaf, and has been encouraging Joi to learn some of the language so that they can better communicate. Joi, we add our voices to what your step-mom is saying…you CAN do it. Use the cards we gave you…..check out…..explore the resources that we list on the site. It does take some time and effort….but it is worth it, and again, you CAN do it.

Ask God to help you….He WILL, you know.

We headed over to the Reelfoot Lake Visitor Center, and saw some pretty homes and scenery all around the lake. This lake covers almost 30 square miles, but is only 5 to 20 feet deep, created in the early 1800s by the most severe recorded earthquake ever to hit the North American continent.

Cypress trees along Reelfoot Lake

Cypress trees along Reelfoot Lake2

The Visitor Center was closed by the time we got there (4:30pm…, hiss), but we did get a chance to eat next door at Boyette’s Restaurant, established almost 90 years ago. We met Erin, who waited on us, and was interested in our Tour and our purpose. Thanks, Erin for your most excellent service!


Erin and Earline

Right next door was Hillbilly Junction, and OF COURSE, I HAD to take our pictures!

Hillbilly Earline

“Here I is!”

Hillbilly Jon

As we headed down to Ridgley, TN, we were again headed across huge fields of corn and soybeans. We saw this field of…..something. It kinda looked like soybeans, but there were many of these white and pink flowers… this soybeans? Maybe one of you farmers out there can help us out.

What is it plant

Speaking of……the WIN-A-FREE-T-SHIRT-IF-WE-EVER-GET-THEM-MADE alert! We ran across this field of “something” for the first time this summer. A FREE WiFi Pedaler T-Shirt goes to the first person who can correctly identify WHAT this 3 to 4 foot tall crop is growing in this field:

T shirt contest plant

On our way into Ridgely, we saw this decorated wagon wheel….neat!

Decorated wagon wheel

The sun was on its way down.

Pretty sunset over cemetery

In Ridgely, we met Courtney and Ann at Ray’s One Stop; Courtney is going to school to work with special-needs kids. We applaud you, Courtney!

Courtney Earline Ann

On our way through Ridgely, we decided that the 30 mile stretch of Highway 181 is something that we did NOT want to do the next day in 100-plus heat, so we decided to keep riding.

And so we did.

All night.

Bob says in his book that the waterfowl viewing out here on top of the levee is really good…..but, well, this is all we saw:

Night time scenery

Trike at night Earline

Nightime greenery

We did occasionally see some vegetation along the side of the road, and as it eventually got light early in the morning, we were able to see some of the scenery we had been missing:

Overlook Tenn Valley2

Vines and kudzu

Riding at night is hard….you can’t see that far ahead of you. And we find that dogs that can’t see you tend to be more aggressive when all they can do is smell you. (Plus their eyes reflect the flashlight, so they ALL look like demon dogs….weird!)

The darkness also means that if you DO have a downhill, you CAN’T go down them fast because you would be overdriving your lights, which is dangerous, so you don’t get the reward for your efforts going up those hills.


We did take a break and sat alongside the road to take a quick nap around 4:30am to 5:30am. One of the locals did stop to check on us, to see if we were alright.

We appreciate that!

Interesting area…..especially the Hobe Webb Road. LOTS of ups and downs.

Big Tenn trees

Hobe Webb Road

We decided to head into Ripley, because we needed to find ANY services available. We needed some place to crash during the heat of the day, and we did find a Walmart where we could pick up few supplies (batteries, some CO2 cartridges, etc.)

Walmart after 65 mile ride

I’ll break here, to close this day [it IS the next day!….HA!]… mileage overnight:  about 65 miles.

ONLY Through God’s Grace,


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  1. Erin

    Hey!! Erin from Boyettes here!

    Just wanted to check in on you. I think “yall” are amazing people & it was such a pleasure to meet you. I will be checking on you through out your journey. Keep in touch & keep up the great work your doing!! Be safe & God Bless!!

  2. Andy and Sue Cairns

    We don’t know what the first plant is with the white flowers, but we think the second one is sorghum.

  3. Jon

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Right you are! You win a FREE WiFi Pedaler T-shirt! [If we ever get them made!]


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