Day 68 [Tipton, TN – Memphis, TN]


Thanking God for a Saturday morning where no one interrupted our sleep! Ha! Here’s what our campsite looked like in the daylight!

Slept at Comm College last night

We had heard a soft buzzing sound all night, and we still heard it when we woke up. Upon closer inspection, we realized that the trees behind us were full of bumblebees! Thank you, God, for your protection.

Bees in trees

As I was reminding Earline to do her ABC Quick-Check (A=Air, B=Brakes, C=Chain Quick=quicklocks) I touched my tire, and… went flat!! (the right front)…’s a gift !!!!

Went flat after said check tires

Spun the tire, inflated, and it held….Flat Attack to the rescue.

Love that stuff.

Headed south towards Memphis, and Earline mentioned that she SURE would like some coffee, AND….

….over the next hill, there, in the middle of a field….was a breakfast restaurant, Breakfast Cove!

[You know, this is the SECOND time she did this.]

We stopped and had a grateful breakfast. One of the workers named Sarah has a Deaf uncle.

Sarah and Earline

We encouraged our server to try some sign language!

Waitress at Breakfast cove practice signs

We continued south on 51, empowered fro the ride ahead of us. But it wasn’t too long when one of EARLINE’S tires went flat. Pumped up the tire, spun it, and Flat Attack to the rescue….it held! Continued on.

Fixing Earlines flat

SOOOO hot today….had to be 100-plus degrees again. We found a little refuge at (but the heat probably kept most folks away) a trailer sales business, and looked at a double-wide, 70 by 32, and it was simply gorgeous. Interesting how the designers match the 2 sides to provide big, open rooms. (AND the fellow’s mascot is an owl….how could we NOT stop??!!)

Dick Moore owl mobile homes

We saw this unique Jesus sign….

Jesus IS dish on hot road to Memphis

…..and went past this real pretty cemetery entrance (DAH Nursery – are you taking notes??!!)

Pretty entrance to Northridge Woodhaven Cemetery

We stopped at what Earline calls the dirtiest convenience store she had ever been in. Too bad to even take a picture.

We came across the city limits sign for Memphis (Yea! We made it!), but Earline said it was too hot to get out of the trike to point at the sign [see her little hand just above and to the right side of her helmet?]:

Made it to Memphis

We found the turn to the right about 10 miles north of Memphis, and took some shady (yea!), but filthy roads, and these roads were marked with MRT signs.

Trash side of road

We went through a neighborhood where we actually came upon a bust of some kind….somebody in cuffs, police talking to them, a bunch of neighbors all talking and staring…..and then WE come upon the scene….hmmm…..something else to stare at [us!]…..WELL…..

We went past a small airport runway, and an industrial area.

Industrial area air port along route

And then, all of a sudden we ran into this pretty area, and just 1 block later, there was the Riverwalk!

Nice area close to river

Nice park along the river, and because of the heat, we only saw one other runner, one other biker, but a lot of barges.

Mud Island park

There WAS MRT signage, and we went over the bridge from this area (a backwater area of the Mississippi Rive) which is called “Mud Island.”

We could see the Memphis skyline just up ahead:

Memphis skyline

The bridge was pretty tall, and tough to go up, but there IS always the downhill on the other side:

[Wait! SHOULD I have counted this bridge??!! Not really across an active part of the MR, so I didn’t.]

Go down bridge

We triked beside this huge building in the shape of a pyramid, with a big statue of Ramesses the Great in front of it.

Statue of Ramssees why not Moses

Hmmm. Great, huh……so, let me get this straight.

He ONLY tried to REDUCE the population of a subugated culture by KILLING every new-born male baby. He ONLY allowed the greatest civilization on the earth at that time to be DEFEATED and literally DISASSEMBLED, and it’s entire chariot army DESTROYED by a sheep-herder from the area of Midian on the Saudi Arabian peninsula [Moses] with only a staff in his hand…..

……[and, of course, the power of the Almighty God behind him!]

So….WHY are we honoring Ramesses? WHY NOT a statue of Moses??!!

I’m just sayin’….

We went right through downtown Memphis, then headed down to the Visitor Info Center.

Carolyn watched our trikes for us:

Visitor security Carolyn and Earline

Precious helped us plan our route around the city.

Precious and Earline

We went down to Beale Street, and were finally able to get ahold of Kathy and Kevin from

We planned our evening, dropping the trikes off at Rhodes College.

Kathy and Earline on Rhodes campus

Thanks to Robert Smith who helped make that possible.

Robert Smith Kathy Earline

Kevin and Kathy had JUST THIS PAST FRIDAY themselves returned from a bicycle trip from Memphis to Maine! They had a chance to try out the trikes.

Kathy and Kevin try out trikes

Headed to their house, stopping at Corky’s for bar-b-que…yumm! We finally got to Kevin and Kathy’s place, and got that WARM SHOWER. That web site is aptly named, because after getting grundgy on the road, especially in this heat, the shower feels WONDERFUL!

Thank you, GOD, for Your gracious provision.



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  1. Kendra

    Just stopping by to see how things were going?

  2. Andy and Sue Cairns

    Hi Jon and Earline !!

Sue and I have been practicing our biking and camping skills since you left; last night we found a big building 
with a BIG overhang to keep us dry during the all-night rain storm. We were
 on dry ground when we went to sleep, but so much rain fell that the water coming off the roof made a nice lake under the overhang, and when we woke up
 we discovered that water was filling the tent.

    We realize that it was a small
 sample of what you two have been experiencing with your many rain days, and I wanted to ask you — what was the WORST rain night that you went through, and how wet did you and all your stuff get ????

    Your friends, Andy and Sue


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