Day 7 [Little Crawl Key – Long Key]


[Distance traveled: 13 miles]

Happy Thursday!

After setting up in the dark last night, and I’ll admit, not having a very good attitude about it, and then having to grumble my way through a cold shower, and THEN losing about an hour’s work trying to blog with my phone’s tiny screen…..I don’t know why God gave me a good night’s sleep, but He did.

I got up shortly after the sun did….oooo, wet! HEAVY dew last night. We were about 70 yards from the ocean, and I walked around some trees to the left, and found a little alcove with a picnic bench. There I stood and just watched the wind rippling the waves a little, and I sang “How Great Thou Art” to God….just between me and Him.

The WORDS to that song….I mean, it STARTS OUT:

“O, Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy hands have made. I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder; Thy power throughout the universe displayed.”

Down here in the Keys, you don’t find many city lights, and the starry sky has been spectacular. Earline said she had never seen stars like this. I told her that I grew up with stars like this.

I remember the night at Bahia Honda….you could easily see the Milky Way. And when the moon came out, even though it was only half visible [“first quarter” for you astronomical types], it was SO bright that you could even read by it.

And how interesting that, as postulated by the book and DVD Privileged Planet, the ONE PLACE in the universe that we know of that has human beings that can admire and appreciate a beautifully designed and coordinated system of stars and moons, and planets, just “happens” to be situated in a VERY unique location in our galaxy, not obstructed by a dense galactic core of stars, or enveloped by clouds of gases; instead the Earth is positioned PERFECTLY where the entirety of the universe is laid out before our seeing eyes IN ALMOST ALL DIRECTIONS, to look, and to contemplate, and to wonder.

Folks, folks, folks….a tornado in a junkyard does NOT make a jumbo jet. Anyone who has ever been raised on a farm, or biked across the country, KNOWS that things just naturally break, and rust, and fall apart. Anyone who has aged beyond 40 or 50 knows that their body is breaking down, it is going back to the dust.

Evolution is such a sneaky word…natural evolution, things changing or adapting, yes, we can see that, but evolution from a rock to a living cell, from an ape to a man, evolution that adds information to something and becomes something more complex, has NEVER been shown to occur, and is a damnable lie.

Any modern-day cellular biologist knows it, any astronomer with half a brain knows it, and if we just open our eyes to the BEAUTY of the world around us….well, we should know it, too.

Our educational system will be so ashamed one day, by the foolishness that they have allowed to be promoted.

In Romans 1, verse 20, Paul makes it pretty clear: “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see His invisible qualities—His eternal power and divine nature. So they have NO EXCUSE for not knowing God.”

After letting the sun dry the dew off our tent, we slowly got packed up. While packing, we met a nice couple from Vancouver, Canada. Gary and Linda, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary, and have canoe races and running adventures with their 4 sons.

Gary and Linda

As you can see in Linda’s hand, we have been passing out dozens and dozens of our quarter-page info cards and tracts, just letting everyone know that “With God, ALL things are possible!”

We finally got underway around 11am (Why does it take us so long to pack?!). One reason is that we were looking for a couple items that we could not find.

We lost a tent stake….could not find it. I am guessing that we maybe left it in the Bahia Honda campground. And my sunglasses that wrap around my existing glasses….where are they?

You can see the closely cropped area where our tent was, in the background. Hard to miss anything there!

Where we camped

Can’t find them. We checked at the bathhouse of “cold shower” fame, as well as at the registration cabin where we first checked in, but nothing there either.


Earline is really hurting this morning, so we are taking our time.

Leaving CHSP

You can see the barrels that we had to do some navigating around….it seems as if the final design is going to be something like this: eight-foot shoulders with rumble grooves and bumpers between the traffic and the bike lane. We like this!

8-foot shoulder


Something moving!

What is it??!!?

Yes, we have seen a few of these iguanas along the way, sometimes sunning ON the path, but this is the first that I was able to snatch a picture of it. Let me make this picture big so that Earline can see it clearly! [She says she does NOT want to see it! Ha!]


Saw this DEAD END sign, but one of the locals said the bike path goes all the way across the bridge. So we took his advice, and it did! Nice to have a separated path.

Dead End not

It was so pretty today. And we saw a lot of cyclists, too. Most of them headed the other direction.


You could see miles and miles of blue water and skies!

Here’s a higher rez photo of the views we saw today.

Beautiful horizon

We stopped at a pretty spot and got some more photos, with Earline and her knee wrap.

Pretty spot by shore

Knee wrap by shore

We went over the Long Key bridge which was pretty long – maybe 2 miles – but it DID have a separated path for cyclists and pedestrians, especially fishermen. Not nearly as hair-raising as the 7-mile bridge.

Long Key bridge

Even saw some fish being caught!

Fish being caught

Speaking of fish “biting,” the mosquitoes and “no-see-ums” have been biting, too! Not too bad, thanks to the cooler weather and some mosquito control we saw.

Mosquito control

Finally made it ten miles, and with Earline’s knee still hurting, we pulled in early at the Long Key State Park. We liked this park, and we had a spot right next to the ocean (and the bath house so that Earline did not have to walk too far, thanks to our Park Ranger from Christmas, FL!).

And as we were setting up, we made new friends with James and Paula from Virginia.

Paula and James from VA

Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s sunrise from our campsite….some SPECTACULAR shots of God’s handiwork.

Sneak peek

And as I had earlier watched the moon come up over the far horizon, I happened to catch a shooting star go a good long ways, from east to west, across maybe 45° of the horizon. Wow.

Thanks, God.

ONLY through God’s grace,


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