Day 7 UPDATE [Long Key]


This is not fun. I had just typed 7 or 8 paragraphs for an update to today’s travels, and my phone froze, just froze, and it’s all gone. An hour’s worth of work. It’s all gone.


As you have probably surmised, we AGAIN do not have internet access. So I am having to type this all in with my right thumb on a flat, tiny screen.


Earline’s left knee is really hurting her again. We only went about 13 miles today, so we could set up camp early and let her get some rest. We are staying at Long Key State Park. I rubbed her knee down with some arnica, she took some pain medication, and she’s sleeping now. Tomorrow we’ll see how she feels in the morning.

Islamadora is about 20 miles away, but a biker we met told us about an inexpensive motel where Earline could soak her knee in a bathtub and I could have access to the internet and get the blog caught up.

The little Freedom Hotspot I had picked up for this trip is not providing the 4G internet access I had hoped for.

I mean, it’s not like this place is WAY further south than any other part of the continental U.S…..oh, well, maybe it is. Ha!


I’ll just keep processing the photos, and I’ll upload them when I can.

God KNOWS what we need….even BEFORE we ask Him. [Matthew, chapter 6]

[Save draft! Save draft!]

[Okay, so NOW if it crashes I won’t lose EVERTHING!]

The Keys are an interesting place…almost everyone we meet is from someplace else! It is kind of like a 100-mile long International Drive, if you know what I mean. So it is hard to figure the best way to engage people, and promote the ministry of GHA.

We have resolved to continue to spend time talking with the people God puts in front of us…we have truly met some wonderful people, from places like Minnesota, Virginia, North Carolina, and Canada! Lots of folks from Canada [wouldn’t have anything to do with escaping that Arctic blast, would it?!?! Ha!]

Well, let me get busy on the photos, and let’s ALL just “lay hands” across the miles on Earline’s knee and pray for healing. We DO so need all of your prayers and financial support as we strive to be an example to ALL of you, that TRULY, with God, ALL things ARE possible, and that you CAN face your fears because of God’s grace, and love, for every single one of you.

[Where God’s love is, there is NO FEAR!] [from song #6 on the FEARLESS CD]



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