Day 76 [Greenville, MS]


After a WONDERFUL night’s sleep (the firemen like to keep their quarters COLD!)…we were up around 6:30 to meet the new shift (in Greenville they do 24 hours on, and 48 hours off.) Some of the old crew posed before heading home….Derrick, Jason, and Captain Buggs:

First crew

The new crew included Willie Dukes and Chief “Earline’s cousin” Tyrone Cook.

Willie Duke

Chief Tyronne

Chief’s cousin actually married into the Hayes family back in Orlando, and Chief Cook has attended church at Mt. Sinai in Orlando!

(Additional note:  We ALSO have discovered that Chief Cook’s uncle lives just 3 blocks from us! Small world!)

We got dressed, and headed to church on our trikes. Even though it was only a mile or so, and we TRIED to go slow so as NOT to sweat, we were perspiring pretty bad by the time we parked at Zion Baptist (sorry, everyone, for being so grungy!).

Or, as Earline says, “Ooooo! It’s HOT!”

Parked at ZBC

Earline and I went to our separate Sunday School classes. Deacon Rosenthal gave a most excellent lesson in our Men’s class, and there was lots participation and discussion.

We had a chance to talk a little bit about our trip when the classes all came together at the end of Sunday School. Zion Baptist is about a quarter the size of Sinai, but the singing was enthusiastic, and the teaching was sound.

There was a female guest speaker who talked faithfulness, from Deuteronomy 7:9. It turns out that this was a SPECIAL SUNDAY for their Pacesetters group that has a mission outreach in the community.

And guess what the theme of the program was??

“With God, all things are possible!” [The SAME as OUR theme! Amazing when things work out like this!]

They even had 2 baptisms. Here are some photos from the service:

Zion Baptist 01

Zion Baptist 02 baptism

Zion Baptist 03

Zion Baptist 04

Zion Baptist 05

Zion Baptist 06

Zion Baptist 07

Then they had a meal after this service (yea!….home cooking!).

Zion Baptist 09

Zion Baptist 08

Pastor Williams and his wife were very kind to us, and even gave us a love offering for GHA. Thank you, God.

THEN we learned that Pastor Williams was speaking at a special service in the afternoon at another church about 3 miles away. We decided to go, and jumped on our trikes and headed over to St. Peter East MBC. It turns out that this was an installation service for the interim pastor to become the full-time pastor – Rev. Lillie C. Gilmore, and a very big deal, because she became the very FIRST female Baptist pastor in the city of Greenville.

I saw more than 15 churches represented, in a sanctuary again less than half the size of Sinai. And the singing….wow! Here’s a sample:

Zion Baptist Choir & Congregation

And some photos from the service at St. Peter East MBC:

SPE 01

SPE 02

SPE 06 Ceremony

Pastor Lillie speaking

Here is Pastor Lillie’s husband, the Rev. A.C. Gilmore [which is probably how they solve the authority issue from the Bible – she has her husband as HER pastor]:

Rev AC Gilmore

I REALLY enjoyed Pastor Williams’ from ZBC teaching…he was “very much” in the Word, and backed up what he was teaching with multiple Scripture references. Great job!

AND they served MORE food after the ceremony (are we in heaven today or what!!!).

SPE 03

SPE 04

Now here’s where it REALLY gets interesting!

AFTER the service Earline went up to get some ice, and met Willie Griffin.

Willie Griffin and Jon

He was interested in our Mission tour, and it turned out that he was an attorney, and knew some folks in Vicksburg, where we were headed. He gave us a couple names, and told us to contact them for a place to stay. (More on THIS story continues tomorrow!)

Afterwards we got some more pictures with Pastor Lillie and others, including a young man who was 16 years old, and had already been preaching for over 2 years.

SPE 05

Young preacher

On the way back to the fire station, we met Shirley, who had seen us the night before, and wanted to try out the trike.

Shirley and Earline

The fireman were out playing some b-ball. Earline said it was exciting to see so many young, Black men being taught and mentored by some older Black men!






Alright….you guys have gotten enough attention….get back to work! Ha! [And again, thanks for all YOU do!]

Chief Cook says, ‘No, I didn’t do it!!!” (ha!)

Chief Cook

Tonight I got a chance to work on the blog, and Earline was able to get some e-mail and Facebook contacts caught up, as we made plans to leave in the morning.

Thank-you, God, for opportunities to publicly worship You, and thank You for your WONDERFUL provision.



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  1. Auntee Liz

    Have enjoyed keeping up with your travel and God’s revelation “All things are possible’! He is with you ALWAYS. Love and Blessing!


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