Day 8 UPDATE [Islamorada – Upper Matecumbe Key]


Internet tonight….unusual? Unlikely? Apparently so, BUT God is good.

It seems that there is a big NASCAR race event in Homestead this weekend, so ALL the motels are full, even down this far. Even talked to the local Chamber of Commerce that said all campsites were full, all hotels were FULL except for 4, and they gave PRICES that were from $169 a night to $350 a night.


Can’t raise money for a non-profit THAT way! And Earline’s knee NEEDED some rest!

And we needed to wash clothes! [Truly!]

AND, I need to get this blog caught up.

So what happened?

You’ll have to read the FULL blog to get the details, but first I want to finish up the full blogs for the past 3 days, Days 5,6, and 7…..and then I do a full blog for today, Day 8, with pictures.

But first, back to Day 5.



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